Bobby Kalua series of discussions

Justice and Mercy with Daniel’s prayer

Marked by Who?

God’s Wrath

Justice and Mercy

Love, Forgiveness, Healing and Wrath

Spiritual Fitness and The Foundation of Babylon

To Put His Seal Upon Our Work

Today – Written and performed by Bobby Auvil

Walk with God – Mark Fox

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Mark of the Beast – Mark Fox
Recorded Wednesday at 7:51pm on Amazing Prophecies with Mark Fox

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The Millenium – Mark Fox
Recorded Tuesday at 7:36pm on Amazing Prophecies with Mark Fox

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The Last Night on Earth – Mark Fox
Recorded April 20th, Saturday 7:30 pm

The Prodigal Son Returns – Mark Fox’s Personal Testimony

Hope Beyond the Grave – State of the Dead

Antichrist’s & history’s greatest religious cover up affecting you! Change of the Sabbath.

Revelation’s Number 7 and your future. Sabbath of Christ.


4 – Mark Fox – Revelation’s most explosive message. Judgment & Intercession of Christ.

3 – Mark Fox – Jesus, Israel, Iran & the Bomb!

2 Mark Fox – Suicide of a Superpower 4-6-13  –  Signs

(Due to technical difficulties, we only have the last 45 minutes of this broadcast)


Mark Fox – Sabbath morning service 4-6-13  Preparing our families!


1 Mark Fox – On the brink of Armageddon! 4-5-13

The image of Daniel Two and the Future of our world. Second coming of Christ.

Raiders of the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Law & grace of Christ.

Starting at 7:30pm

The Antichrist Revealed!

Starting at 7:30pm