Virtual Sabbath School

Do you have trouble getting your parents out the door to make it to church in time for Sabbath school? We are trying something new to help. An Online classroom, where we can chat via text message, share web pages/media and ask and answer questions. Please follow the link below to visit our classroom.

10/15/2016 Youth Sabbath School Class



Newberg Adventist Youth Group

We’re going to do it again!!  May 24th, we are going to have a bonfire and then the youth are going to be locked into the church for an all night movie night. We will be showing the most popular Disney movies and have an assortment of no so healthy foods. Bring sleeping bags and pillows to pad the hard floor. Fire will start at dusk until it burns down, then inside for movies. The requested menu is Pizza, gummy bears, Monster and Ice Cream. So bring the antacids and join the fun. Bonfire is open to everyone but 13 and over for movie night please.


Thank you to everyone that helped put the bonfire together and everyone that came. I think it turned out well and was fun. I think the bonfire should become an annual event to kick off our churches new calendar. We had to make some last minute compromising to accommodate other events, but in the end it worked out well. Thanks to our resident pyromaniac (Ryan), we had a great fire. We used up a whole bag of marshmallows and some of the kids had smores for the first time ever. Next year we may need to make a separate fire for marshmallows… the main fire was too hot to get close to. We all felt a little of what Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego might have felt.


There were a lot of great ideas for activities and for fund raisers. Keep an eye out here for events as we get them planned. Anyone interested in getting involved with youth group to support or participate, please send me an email with your information and how you would like to be involved. I will put lists together to keep everyone informed. My email is


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Our Mission

The purpose of life is to serve God and our fellow man. The goal of our youth group is to reach out to the community and show the character of Jesus to the people we meet. We hope the side effect will be that our youth gain a solid foundation to have faith in God.

SYG Wordle imageOur Plan

To achieve our mission we plan to hold community events to help the community and earn money to support the youth activities. We plan to have an engaging Sabbath school class, offering a safe environment to share opinions, staying in touch through the week and utilizing current technology. We hope to train and encourage youth to lead not only Sabbath school but worship service as well.